About us

I’m Najiya Nizam 🙂 an ambitious girl with utmost passion in dress designing , who loves to transform imagination into beautiful designs. Apart from the dress designing I also have a keen passion towards jewelry designing, mehendi art, glass painting ,make up etc. I have immense support from my family and all my beloved ones due to which I hope I would succeed in this venture. I prefer designing my own ideas and creation rather than going for the artificial or the made out ones. (Najiya Nizam – Modern Muslim dress designer – Abaya Hijab Islamic Cloth)

I am mainly focus on designing Muslim clothing like abaya and scarfs and would like to modernize them with my creativity and innovation without compromising with the firm rules of the religion.

I hope I can succeed in this platform and work for it along with my studies. 😀

As the world undergoes changes, the people are also supposed to change. The people should built themselves according to the fast change in technology, so is the case in clothing. Now our changes in clothing is according to this point.

I does not mean to tell people must adopt fashion in dressing by copying from others lifestyle. Dressing also improves ones self confidence and its about self satisfaction. it also means , people should dress according to their body profile and structure taking into consideration their skin tone eye color and height.

One aspect to be considered is that dressing should be humble and not vulgar as such type of dressing will not be pleasing to the eye and also we can’t feel comfortable in such way of dressings. Appropriate combination of colors is also an essential factor to be considered as all the colors don’t suit everybody. We build a new world of dresses with verity combination of colours.

Even though there are a lots of modernization in clothing nowadays, muslims have a lots of limitation regarding dressing as they are not supposed to put on dresses which are skin tight or which are transparent and short also they are not good too. Dressing shows a persons exact profile to others.

This boutique , NDezigns mainly focus on designing cloths which meant for Muslim women and girls with an appropriate combination of fashion and religion so that they can put on modern clothes designed in such a way that their religion rules are not effected. Dressing shows a persons exact profile to others.

Meet our team

The heads behind the hardwork & success.
    Rabitha Mohammed

    Rabitha serving last few years for Ndeigns with her extra ordinary designing and creatie skills.

    Rabitha Mohammed
    Fashion Designer
    Resha Basheer

    Resha having a unique coordination skill and she actually headsup as a backborn of the venture.

    Resha Basheer
    Creative Coordinator
    Rameeza Nazz

    All designs are putting together with a proper fine tune process that is safe in her hands.

    Rameeza Nazz
    Art Director
    Hajara Khan

    Not only the quality of materials but the perfect stitching also brings up a finest product. Her dedication does this beyond our expectation.

    Hajara Khan
    Sewing Specialist
We do the stuffs from scratch
All our designs comes from here.. ;)

Our advantages

Ideas and concepts

Focusing on mordern dresses for muslim girls without breaking religion rules.

Material Quality

Uncomprmized quality assurance as we are using branded nitha clothes.

Latest Trends

We are running a step forward on trends you can find the collection in our store.

On time Shipment

The punctuality is our success so no worries about it.